Publications using Biomedisa

The following publications used Biomedisa for image segmentation. Please get in touch with us if your publication is missing.


  • Balanta-Melo J, Bemmann M, Toro-Ibacache V, Kupczik K, Buvinic S, Three-dimensional assessment of enamel and dentine in mouse molar teeth during masseter muscle hypofunction, Revista Estomatología, 2018.
  • Mikó I, Trietsch C, van de Kamp T, Masner L, Ulmer JM, Yoder MJ, Zuber M, Sandall EL, Baumbach T, Deans AR, Revision of Trassedia (Hymenoptera: Ceraphronidae), an Evolutionary Relict With an Unusual Distribution, Insect Systematics and Diversity, 2018.
  • Balanta‐Melo J, Torres‐Quintana MA, Bemmann M, Vega C, González C, Kupczik K, Toro‐Ibacache V, Buvinic S, Masseter muscle atrophy impairs bone quality of the mandibular condyle but not the alveolar process early after induction, Journal of Oral Rehabilitation, 2018.
  • Weinhardt W, Shkarin R, Wernet T, Wittbrodt J, Baumbach T, Loosli F, Quantitative morphometric analysis of adult teleost fish by X-ray computed tomography, Scientific Reports, 2018.
  • van de Kamp T, Schwermann AH, dos Santos Rolo T, Lösel PD, Engler T, Etter W, Faragó T, Göttlicher J, Heuveline V, Kopmann A, Mähler B, Mörs T, Odar J, Rust J, Tan Jerome N, Vogelgesang M, Baumbach T, Krogmann L, Parasitoid biology preserved in mineralized fossils, Nature Communications, 2018.
  • Mikó I, van de Kamp T, Trietsch C, Ulmer JM, Zuber M, Baumbach T, Deans AR, A new megaspilid wasp from Eocene Baltic amber (Hymenoptera: Ceraphronoidea), with notes on two non-ceraphronoid families: Radiophronidae and Stigmaphronidae, PeerJ, 2018.
  • 2017

  • Schmelzle S, Heethoff M, Heuveline V, Lösel P, Becker J, Beckmann F, Schluenzen F, Hammel JU, Kopmann A, Mexner W, Vogelgesang M, Jerome NT, Betz O, Beutel R, Wipfler B, Blanke A, Harzsch S, Hörnig M, Baumbach T, van de Kamp T, The NOVA project: maximizing beam time efficiency through synergistic analyses of SRμCT data, Proceedings of SPIE, 2017.
  • Lösel P, Heuveline V, A GPU Based Diffusion Method for Whole-Heart and Great Vessel Segmentation, Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 2017.